The GIE ALBATROS gathers SME and mid-caps round the “factory of the future” theme and the advanced manufacturing technologies. To do so, it mobilises the companies on:

  • Design, calculation and simulation of composites and metallic parts
  • IoT and data processing
  • Big data, AI and machine learning
  • Smart and flexible robotic systems and cobotics
  • Innovative manufacturing process and materials
  • Additive manufacturing of metallic and composite parts
  • Surface treatment, coatings and adhesives


From 2012 to 2021, the GIE ALBATROS enabled the emergence and writing of 67 collaborative projects of research and development (R&D) dealing with the aforementioned themes. All these projects were supported by various counters of public funding being a success rate of 100%.

The projects entitled AVATAR, FABHELI and HOBIT show the technical know-how of the companies which are members of the GIE ALBATROS. These 3 examples also demonstrate their complementarity to answer new industrial needs of aerospace, maritime and offshore renewable energy respectively.

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