Know-how of the GIE ALBATROS


The GIE ALBATROS takes action on collaborative projects of Research and development (R&D) that lead to innovation of processes and materials. The GIE ALBATROS is a player at the scouting and emergence steps of collaborative innovation.

The GIE Albatros gathers companies round advanced manufacturing technologies to answer new industrial needs of aerospace, energy, maritime and ground transportation. The GIE ALBATROS carries out technical and scientific watch as well as a market watch.

According to its missions, the GIE ALBATROS ensures scouting, building and monitoring of collaborative projects for its members. It seeks complementary fundings by French State and European counters such as the “CORAC” (the French Strategic Advisory Board for Civil Aviation Research) of the framework-program of the European Commission named HORIZON EUROPE.

The GIE ALBATROS can manage consortia to write projects proposals and does the project monitoring and administrative follow-up after funding. The GIE ALBATROS is able to write down project proposals in French and English language.

Thus, from 2021 to 2021, the GIE ALBATROS enabled the emergence and writing of 67 projects of R&D such as AVATAR, FabHELI and HOBIT. All collaborative projects that had been built with the GIE ALBATROS and its member companies received public funding being a success rate of 100%.


To facilitate collaborative innovation, the GIE ALBATROS in involved in several networks where potential technical partners are met. It is notably an adherent of Neopolia, and of two competitiveness clusters: ID4Car (Ground transportation industry) and PMBA (Maritime and shipbuilding industries). The GIE ALBATROS is the host of the technical forum of the SAMPE France for 2022.

The companies which are members of the GIE ALBATROS are itselves involved in 35 different network such as syndicates and competitiveness clusters. The companies are actively collaborating with many research and technology organisations, academic labs and institutions of higher education.

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