General introduction


Developing the activities of the members by collaborative innovation on process and materials.

The GIE ALBATROS* in an association of about fifteen industrial SME and mid-caps highly dynamic where decision-makers are looking for diversification, organic growth and development of disruptive technologies. The members of the GIE ALBATROS represent 1 billion euros of turnover.

The GIE ALBATROS targets primarily 4 industries which are aerospace, energy, maritime and ground transportation.

The missions of the GIE ALBATROS consist of:

  • Carrying out technical and scientific watch
  • Scouting relevant innovation projects
  • Developing the complementarity between members
  • Emerging and building collaborative projects
  • Seeking complementary fundings

The GIE ALBATROS is at the heart of the innovation strategy of its members. Indeed, the association roadmap influences the R&D activites lead by each member.

*A GIE is an Economic Interest Group. ALBATROS, in addition to be the name of the large gull-like sea bird, is an acronym in french language that stands for “Association of companies to benefit thematic actions of scientific research”

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