HOBIT Project

HOBIT Project - IRT Jules Verne

It's a project SMEs / IRT Jules Verne certified by the innovation center EMC2 and financed by the IA (Futur Investment). et soutenu par la région Bretagne, la Région PdL et les PMEs.

The duration of the projects was 2 years. It was supported by the Brittany and Pays de la Loire Region and the SMEs.

The SMEs which participate to the project were : Loiretech ; Méca ; Multiplast ; HydrOcean ; Europe Technologies ; Socomore ; Omega Systèmes et PEI.


The project results from industrials needs. The potential of the industrial application is an annual production of several thousant pieces. The West geographic sector  benefits from high visibility and the high energy potential offered by tidal energy in France and the United Kingdom.

In this context, the SMEs of the ALBATROS GIE work together to develop an innovative LOW COST manufacturing process of a large composite blade.

The technology challenge :

  • Development of tools for a mechanical and hydrodynamic modeling of marine structures,
  • Development of method of plan layup in order to automate the preforming,
  • Development of a low-cost innovative manufacturing process which permits to produce a high volume
  • Development of innovative tools equiped with sensor and heating means,
  • Study and development of a composite solution for specific blades,
  • Realization of blades scale 1/7 and 1/3 to demonstrater the feasibility of production Low Cost High Volume,
  • Development of a robotized solution,
  • Developement of a durable and resistant coating.

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