Governance & Values


A GIE is an Economic Interest Group. It is a legal entity according to the French Law. The GIE ALBATROS is administered by an unique administrator, elected from among the founding members which is nominated for three years. Since 2021, it is the company SOCOMORE embodied by Bernard LE TURDU (CTO).

In addition to its administrative tasks, the administrator must

  • present the running actions and the orientation foreseen for the association
  • suggest a roadmap for pooled R&D activities to the assembly of members.

Each member have one ballot to vote at the Administration Council.


The essential values to guide the operating rules between all the members of the association are:

  • The Innovation for “anticipating the future to ensure the growth of the companies”.
  • The Confidentiality is a key value for confidence within the GIE ALBATROS as well as with other companies, industrial research centres and academia.
  • The Technical Skills which are essential in order to minimize the risks and guarantee the expertise of the members
  • The Collaboration because “we are more innovative together than alone”.

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