Based in Vannes since 1972, SOCOMORE has been creating, manufacturing and commercialising expert solutions for preparation, protection, treatment or control of metallic or composite materials. In 2016 : a turnover of € 47M and 220 people



Their 4 activities are :

  • Critical surface treatment and preparation
  • Non-destructive testing with penetrant testing, magnetic testing and lighting.
  • Structural adhesives and moldable shims.
  • Coatings for erosion and lightning strike protection

These solutions are designed for manufacturing and maintenance operations in the transport – aerospace, automotive, rail – and energy industries, plus any other industry working with metals and composites. Numerous products of our ranges are approved by worldwide aerospace manufacturers.

The central feature of our strategy is our research policy. We have two major assets - our laboratory facilities and the scientific expertise of our researchers in materials physics, inorganic and organic chemistry and in electrochemistry. We put forward solutions to our customers with an environmental performance which takes all the regulatory changes for Health Safety and Environment into account. This includes the European regulation REACH on the utilisation of chemical products and the directives linked to the emissions of VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compound) ...

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Contacts :

Address : ZI du Prat - Avenue Paul Dupleix - 56037 Vannes cedex

Phone : +33 2 97 43 76 90

Email :  Socomore[at]

Web site :


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