Since 1981, Multiplast, Groupe Carboman, bring a global answer from conception to manufacturing, installation and maintenance of composites structures.

Since the last forty years Multiplast, Groupe Carboman, became quickly a leader in the offshore racing yachts business but more generally in the design and manufacturing of hi tech composites structures.


  • Aeronautics and Space : Composites fuselage, launcher nose cones,...
  • Defence : radars, randoms, sonars, flight simulators shells, …
  • Industry : Rigs and Solid Sails, simulators, robot arms, fairings, …
  • Civil Engineering :  Dômes, facade components, composite/concrete, beams, …
  • Tooling : Carbon molds with a Tg from 100°C to 200°C
  • Off shore racing yachts : America’s Cup, Imoca, Class Ultim, 




Contacts :

  AdressParc du golfe, 24 allée Loic Caradec, 56000 Vannes, France 
 Email : Yann Penfornis - 

 Phone06 12 05 86 97 

  Web site : /



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