The cluster is formed by Calcul-Meca, Conception-Meca, Expert-Meca, Fluide-Meca and Formation-Meca and offers complementary skills in mechanical analysis.

Spearhead the behaviour of materials and structures in order to ensure the technical and economic feasibility of constructions and the safety of people and property.



  • The behaviour of materials and multi-material assemblies 
  • Overall and detailed design
  • The calculation of stress and associated dimensioning methods
  • Building codes and analysis with regard to admissibility criteria
  • Suitability for use under real operating conditions 
  • Failure modes and criticality analysis 

Contacts :

 Address : 18 Rue Paul Bellamy, 44000 Nantes

 Calcul-Méca - Samuel Durand - Email : Samuel.durand[at]cluster-meca.fr

 Conception-Méca - Ralph GRUAND - Email : Ralph.gruand[at]cluster-meca.fr

 Fluide-Méca - Saïd Chabane - Email : Said.chabane[at]fluide-meca.fr

 Expert-Méca - Pascal Macquet - Email : Pascal.maquet[at]expert-meca.fr

 Website : cluster-meca.fr


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