The cluster is formed by Calcul-Meca, Conception-Meca, Expert-Meca, Fluide-Meca and Formation-Meca and offers complementary skills in mechanical analysis.

Their aim :

Spearhead the behaviour of materials and structures in order to ensure the technical and economic feasibility of constructions and the safety of people and property.

Their technical expertises encompasses :

  • The behaviour of materials and multi-material assemblies 
  • Overall and detailed design
  • The calculation of stress and associated dimensioning methods
  • Building codes and analysis with regard to admissibility criteria
  • Suitability for use under real operating conditions 
  • Failure modes and criticality analysis 

The services of the cluster are :

  • Research & Development Studies 
  • Industrial Design Studies and Preliminary Design 
  • Technical Studies Bureau focusing on special structures for architecture and construction 
  • Design and calculation of multi-material products for industry 
  • Evaluation of suitability for use under operating conditions of works and industrial facilities 
  • Failure analysis of structures and mechanisms 
  • Training in mechanical engineering

Contacts :

Web site : cluster-meca.fr


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