JPB Systeme is the leading manufacturer of efficiency-enhancing technology solutions for aerospace, aeronautic and other industries


  • Additive manufacturing 
  • Self-locking plugs 
  • Self-locking fittings 
  • Fasteners 







As well as its French base, JPB Système operates a production facility near Krakow, in the Polish Aviation Valley, and a North American office in Cincinnati, USA.  

The company is a member of the BPI France Excellence network, FrenchFab, FrenchTech, Astech Paris-Region, GICAT and GIFAS, and is labelled Vitrine Industrie Du Futur by AIF.

Contacts : 

  Address : Chemin de Bassin, 77 950 Montereau sur le Jard - FRANCE

 Phone : +33 1 64 79 71 20





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